Truck roofing
Copie de toit_de_camion
Copie de toit_de_camion

Coated fabrics for truck roofing.

The light diffusion through the fabric is important for optimal·safety during loading.

The Cleangard·topcoat lacquer·ensures low soilablilty and easy cleaning. The System LOWICK prevents wicking. The substantial layer of coating makes the fabric far more durable.

These products have an aesthetically appealing laquered look and are available in a variety of widths and colours.


Our fabrics for truck roofing
Products DICOPLAN LAC 680
Diffusion lumineuse
Length (lm)
60 ou 250 60 ou 250
Width (m)
1,50 / 2,50 / 3,00 3,20
Finish Laquered varnish on 2 sides Laquered varnish on 2 sides
Mechanical strength
UV resistance
Weight (g/m²) 680 680