Truck side curtains

Dickson Coatings offers a fabric designed for decorating and advertising on truck side curtains using digital printing: JET 901 BC

  • A bi-coloured fabric with a grey reverse side which offers many advantages: 
    • - No transparency effect which would spoil the decor 
    • - No wear-and-tear on the decor by soiling occuring on the inside of the truck
    • - No wear-and-tear on the decor through the presence of webbing
    • - Possible to use webbing in any colour
  • Supple fabric that is easy to install and handle
  • Excellent weldability using 3 technologies: high frequency/hot air/hot wedge
  • Excellent dimensional stability during the manufacturing process
  • Excellent printability, thanks to a lacquer specially developed for this use
  • Very good compatibility with the main overprinting lacquers on the market
Range of PVC fabrics 
Product Weight (g/m²) FR SWF WF Screenprinting
JET 901 BC 900 no