The use of EverGreen Fabrics is a voluntary decision and commitment on the part of Dickson Coatings, a company that respects the environment and man.

Eco-designed fabrics 

Evergreen Fabrics are made from a polyester base and a water-based coating. They are consistently: 
  • PVC free
  • phtalate free
  • formaldehyde free
  • phosphate free
  • dihydroxydiethel ether free
  • Our Eco-Design approach ensures reducing the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing to disposal of the product:
  • Design: formulation of fabrics favouring protection of natural resources 
  • Manufacturing: production method reducing energy consumption 
  • Packaging: selection of materials favouring recycling 
  • Use: protection of the user due to the absence of residual VOCs, reducing environmental air pollution
  • End of life: local disposal of the fabric after use, minimising transport flows

  • A recognised ecological approach

    The environmental advantage of EverGreen Fabrics products has been valided by the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) in terms of standards ISO 14 040 – 14 044.(*) Non toxicity and respect for human health have been certified by the Oeko-Tex standard.(*)