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Dickson Coatings offers a wide range of coated fabrics designed for agricultural and environmental markets, specifically formulated for the following particular uses: windbreak netting for animal housing, livestock and storage tunnels as well as for covers for containers and pits etc.

There are strict requirements for use within the agricultural sector; that is why Dickson Coatings offers strong coated fabrics with good durability.

Flexible Tank

Environnement, citerne souple
Membrane for flexible tanks Water storage : Rainwater, firefighting. Agricultural and industriel effluent storage : Fertilizers, manure, brown water… Our coated “LAC 950 – 1100 CTM” fabric was developed more than 20 years ago, and has since proven its worth for both its long term durability (UV protection) and for its mechanical and chemical resistance. ...

Retention pond

Slurry pit covering

Agricultural buildings


Environnement, filet de protection, filet brise-vent
For building ventilation. Flexible, resistant to bad weather conditions and with good UV stability.