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For the past 50 years, Dickson Coatings has been specialising in coated fabrics designed for truck tarpaulins.

Durable and strong: our products are available in a wide variety of colours and widths, ideally suited for all types of manufacturing.

Our customers recognise the particular benefits our products offer, such as flexibility,dimensional stability and excellent weldability using hot air and high frequency techniques, thanks to our exclusive technologies.

Lowick Clengard

The cornerstones of our business are: ease of contact, stock availability, slitting to size and rapid delivery.

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Couverture de benne à enrobé, résiste aux températures extrêmes
FLEXITOP fabric prevents the asphalt from sticking to the cover. It is lightweight, easy to handle and has excellent mechanical strength. Customer tests have proven that FLEXITOP maintains the asphalt temperature above the critical value and significantly higher than PVC covers. FLEXITOP: For optimal safety and efficiency.

Anti-vandalism system